Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Loved and Shared

I regret delivering this news, but I will no longer be commenting “Loved and Shared” on your Facebook status updates. It appears that two young women, who resemble me, have confessed they roll their eyes and giggle whenever this particular comment appears.

That doesn’t mean I will no longer be Sharing your link, for I believe the ability to pass your news and link on to my Facebook friends is one of the beauties of the social media site.

Now, I must admit the reason I previously added “Loved and Shared” was to assure you’d know the solid I performed for you. But I’ve learned there’s another way to alert to this type of generosity so I can avoid that heartfelt, but now derided, Comment.

Here’s how: After hitting the Share option on your friend’s post and link, you’ll have an opportunity to add a comment to their link. Put the @ symbol in the box, start typing your friend’s name. A list will pop up. When you see your friend’s name appear, click on it and it will turn into hot link. Your Share should also appear on your friend’s page so he or she will have a chance to thank you. (If you don’t receive their thanks, you know whose status updates or links you won’t be again Sharing.)

Perhaps it means more to me than those aforementioned gigglers for I am at heart, and by profession, a marketer. Thus, I am eager to spread the word about my exploits and my links, as well as those of my many Facebook friends. (Snob alert: I typically add links to New York Times’ articles in my status updates.)

Sorry to segue (you’ve always wanted to learn how to spell that; admit it), but here’s another hint I’d like to um, share, about Facebook. While many mock the accumulation of Friends, in my marketer’s mind, I think it’s a great idea.

Certainly I don’t really know a majority of my 800 plus buddies; wouldn’t recognize them on the street if they happened to pass by. But, I’ve come to adore them all, and have even made best friends of several. Many Friends – who I’ve never met in the flesh --comment on my quips, status updates, or links. And that’s the idea: get Elaine Soloway, who happens to manage a public relations business, in front of the eyes of as many people as possible. (Callous? If you don’t have the chutzpah to promote, gently of course, your marketing credentials are suspect.)

Thus, if you want to publicize a client, or if you are a writer wishing to hype your book or blog, or are a member of a non-profit that is hosting an event, gather your Friends while you may. Your status update will now appear on their News Feeds where their Friends can also view your noteworthy info.

Perhaps there are those that say my views are a corruption of the idea of social media, that Friends should really be Friends. If that’s your belief, you are welcome to keep to your tight circle of confidents. But, if you resemble me, or my ambitions, heed the above advice. Just don’t add “Loved and Shared” or a duo of killjoys will be on your case.